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Phonics - Letter Sounds Online Video Learning Programme (affordable one-year subscription available at PhonicsNReading.com)

Giving your child a head start in phonics and reading? Or reinforcing your child’s learning with additional phonics and reading materials? Leaps N Bounds Phonics Letter Sounds online video learning programme will provide you the tools. This affordable and systematic programme will help your child learn English phonetic sounds and read associated words through catchy songs, 3 periods or steps lessons, quizzes and more. The video lessons will let your child see, hear, sing along, read and repeat the lessons. Sign up for this online video learning programme and enhance your child’s learning experience today!

Reading Video Books (included in the subscription)

It's reading time! Let these 16 video story books, adapted from Aesop's Fables, share your loads of reading to your child. Your child will love the interesting stories with a moral each, enjoy the expressive reading and learn words and phrases. What's more? Your child can listen to the story again and again. Repetition will help your child learn and remember more. Listening more will also help improve your child's speech. Start this course today and let your child have a head start to reading!

Sample Video Lessons: