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    Why join us?

    We provide educational services, programmes and resources to the community with the following edge:

    • Affordable & quality programmes
    • Systematic & structured syllabuses
    • Qualified, experienced & dedicated teachers
    • Well received & excellent feedback from parents
  • Affordable & Quality Programmes

    Our programmes are priced at an affordable cost to the community. These programmes are developed/ validated by our co-founder, Mrs. Tan, who is educated in RGS, RJC and NUS and is a Montessori-trained preschool educator as well as an NIE-trained ex-primary schoolteacher.

  • Systematic & Structured Syllabuses

    The syllabuses of our programmes are organised in a systematic and structured manner which enable and help students to progress and learn effectively. We aim not only to teach but to inspire learning, impart skills and imbue strong foundations to the students, as well.

  • Dedicated & Competent Teachers

    Our teachers are fully qualified, experienced and dedicated to teach and develop the students. All our teachers for preschool programmes are formally trained in early childhood teaching and have been teaching in preschools for more than 3 years. Our teachers for primary school programmes are specialists in their fields, graduates with years of experience in teaching in tuition centres or ex-primary school teachers.

  • Excellent Feedback From Parents

    Our programmes have received very good feedback from parents and students. Students have shown improvements in their interest, aptitude, attitude and results after attending our programmes.

Our Programmes

Systematic, affordable and well-received enrichment and tuition programmes

We provide preschool enrichment programmes for children aged 4 to 6 years old. We also conduct tuition and enrichment classes for Primary school students.

Presented here are some preshool enrichment programmes. Please click on the respective link for more details.

For Primary school tuition and enrichment programmes, please click here.

  • Phonics
    & Reading
    4 to 6 Years olds
    6 to 20 Class size
  • Creative Drama
    & Expressions
    4 to 6 Years olds
    6 to 15 Class size
  • Leapstart K2
    English Preparation For P1
    6 Years olds
    6 to 20 Class size
  • Leapstart K2
    Mathematics Preparation For P1
    6 Years olds
    6 to 20 Class size

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  • The teacher is good and encouraging. The fees are reasonable and the place is convenient. My son has improved in his interest and confidence in reading. He is always happy after the Phonics lessons and he will always say that class is fun and teacher is nice to him. He is interested to go for every lesson.

    Mrs Louisa Chow
  • The K2 Preparation for P1 programmes have allowed my son to build a basic fundamental in English and Math for his P1 next year. He can now speak in proper sentences and can calculate the correct amount of money for his expenses confidently.

    Mr Lim
  • The (Leapstart K2 English Preparation For P1) programme is excellent! My girl is able to present the 'Show and Tell' with confidence. She has been performing well in the spelling. Her attitude has changed and she has also shown more interest in attending the class nowadays. I like the 'Show and Tell' and Spelling which she does not get to learn them in the child care centre. I would recommend others to the programme because I saw an improvement in my child. I believe other children will benefit from it too.

    Mdm Ang
  • My son has become more sociable and likes to share his dramatic skills with us at home. He likes the play that he enacts in the drama class. I would recommend others to enrol their children in this programme as it is beneficial in developing their children's confidence.

    Mrs Asokaraja
  • After attending this programme (English Creative Writing & Enrichment), my child has shown an interest in reading creative writing books. She is more confident and doing well in her P1 composition. She is able to apply what she has learnt in class by using the power words and phrases in her composition. The teacher is very patient in her teaching and my child likes her very much.

    Mdm Soh
  • My son finds the Math lesson interesting. I like the programme as I felt that the lessons taught are essential in Primary School as well as in daily life.

    Mrs Ng

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